C4C planning events for second semester

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Communities for Change, Organizations

By Malorie Eagar
Cougar News Blog

During the first semester, Communities4Change has sold candy grams, entered a video to an anti-bullying contest, hosted a clothing drive, and had a dance off.
This semester will be just as busy and the group has decided what it’s doing next. C4C members will be traveling to each AJUSD elementary school to talk about bullying, why it’s wrong, and how to stop it, along with planning what members will be doing for the group’s one year anniversary.
“C4C members will lead each assembly by talking about bullying and what students can do about it,” said adviser Jessica Kucenski.
At the elementary schools, the group will be splitting the grades up into two separate assemblies, with an activity at the end for each. The groups will be kindergarten through third grade, then fourth through sixth.
The kindergarten through third graders will be making hands that say “This hand will make a change” and then posting them around their schools. The fourth through sixth graders will be signing a large poster that says, “I pledge to be the change” and hanging it in their school’s cafeteria or gym.
“C4C will (also) be performing skits for kindergarten through third graders,” Kucenski said.
Carlos the Cougar will be at each assembly, and local author Kathy Hughes will be reading her book, “Bull Dozer Learns To Be A Friend.” After that, police officers will be talking to the students about the effects of bullying.

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