NJHS students offer tutoring on Thursdays

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Academics, Language arts, Math, NJHS, Organizations

By Megan Lay
Cougar News Blog

National Junior Honor Society has decided to tutor students who need help with any school subject. Students in the organization are available to help with the four core classes, along with some electives.
They started tutoring Nov. 1 and the Thursday sessions are still going on.
Brittany Wilson, NJHS member said, “I like tutoring others because it’s fun. I get the feeling of satisfaction from helping others.”
NJHS wanted to offer tutoring because there was a need for students to get help in certain subjects, like math and reading.
NJHS adviser Lisa Smith said, “There was a need for students to receive extra help in subjects that are difficult for them to master.”
While students that come for tutoring get help with homework and projects, members of NJHS receive service hours for tutoring. Those in NJHS are required to do 20 such hours to be eligible for the Disneyland trip at the end of the year.
Another large reason they are tutoring the students are because many of them are missing a lot of assignments.
Smith said, “Many students just need extra time to complete projects and activities that are assigned and due.”
Tutoring has already affected students, though it has also affected teachers because their students grades are improving.
Carol Dolle said, “I would like more students to take advantage of this service. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get help from someone that has the perspective of having been a student.”

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