CCJH paraprofessional publishes first book

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Teachers


By Sam Collins
Cougar News Blog

Laura Hickey of Cactus Canyon Junior High has published the book What’s in the Woods and plans to write more books to come. She said she wants kids to be able to relate to the book, and that’s exactly what happened.
The teacher’s aide said she got her inspiration to write from the famous author Stephen King. She got the idea for What’s in the Woods from a dream her daughter had. She said that she still had to come up with a plot, characters, and setting, but the idea came from her daughter.
“It is about creatures that appear in the woods by a neighborhood that eat children that wear tennis shoes,” Hickey said about her book.
Hickey is in college at the moment, and plans to have her teaching degree when she is finished. She says she is very new to writing and does plan to do it again.
“I like to write when I am alone and the house is quiet,” Hickey said. “This enables me to ‘get into’ my story and I feel like I am actually there with my characters.”
Hickey’s publisher is PublishAmerica and she will find out her profit and sales in February. The company has done promotions around the world and throughout the U.S. What’s in the Woods was even being sold at the book fair held at CCJH.
“This was my first one and I have learned a lot about the process,” Hickey said. “I mainly wrote this book and submitted it just to see what would happen.”
Hickey has not written any other books yet, but says she will take what she has learned from this experience and will apply it to the next one she writes. She says she is still learning “the art” of being an author, but that it definitely takes time, research, and, above all, patience.
“Keep reading and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something,” Hickey advised. “Be brave and have faith in yourself.”
  1. Ashley Renowden says:

    Sam, you did a really great job writing this one. (: It was really interesting, and kept me wanting to read more. You’re really progressing. Awesome job. (:

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