Ivy becomes first boy on CCJH cheer sqad

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Athletics, Cheer


By McKenna Nimtz
Cougars News Blog

Eighth grader Alex Ivy is the only boy on the Cactus Canyon cheer team. He is the first boy to ever join the squad and the team is ecstatic to have a new member.
The 14-year-old cheerleader has heart and self-confidence, which Coach Cathy Messenger said makes him an asset to the team.
“Alex does a great job at everything,” she said. “(He) adds an element that not many other schools have on their cheer squad.”
Ivy plays other sports, but doesn’t play football and wanted to be involved during the season.
“I never really liked football for some reason, but I still I wanted to be active, so I tried out for cheer,” Ivy said.
Messenger said he does an excellent job at motivating the team. The only elements that are different, are that she can no longer say “all right ladies” and when choreographing routines she has to come up with “not so girly” moves for Ivy.
“He also treats the girls like his sisters and looks out for each of them,” Messenger said. “He is determined in everything he does and always gives 110 percent. And on top of that he cracks me up.”
Because the uniforms for the girls, the school had to special order Ivy’s outfit. While the girls wear short skirts, Ivy has a short sleeved T-shirt with track pants.
Although he said his experience has been very positive, Ivy has been teased by some students for being a boy in a sport traditionally for girls.
“I have had to deal with many kids calling me names or just making fun of me in general, but most people or students would call me (girly),” Ivy said.
Ivy said hopes he inspires other boys to also join the team in the future because more boys on the team could improve school spirit among the guys.
“I have had boys on teams I have coached prior to CCJH, and all I can say is that I would love to have more guys with the drive and determination that Alex has,” Messenger said.
  1. Amanda Waterman says:

    Good Job Alex

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