Cougar musicians visit elementary schools to recruit students

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Band

By Kaitlyn Shafer
Cougar News Blog

The Cougar musicians visited the elementary schools in the district, on Feb. 4-5 to show the young students how fun it is to be in band and orchestra at Cactus Canyon.
Band and orchestra director Aimee Vining takes a few of her students every year. During the visits, elementary students can see students that are just a few years older playing instruments. By seeing that, they believe they can accomplish that as well.
The musicians missed part of their school day to make the trip, and had to be passing all their classes to attend.
Vining said last year she didn’t have a very big music program, but after visiting the elementary schools, the program was bigger.
“Going to the elementary schools helps by getting the students excited and interested,” said Vining.
Vining hopes that there will be more musicians each year with the new students that come in. Her goal is for the music program to be huge.
“I hope there will be (even) more musicians next year,” said seventh-grade violin player Catherine Roberts.

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