Little Cougars program shows school’s community involvement

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Athletics, Cheer



By Sage Lewis
Cougar News Blog

The Little Cougars, a program for inspiring little girls that want to be cheerleaders, was held during the week of Feb. 1. During the week, CCJH cheerleaders taught girls from AJUSD elementary schools some of their cheers and the two groups performed together at the CCJH football game on the Davis field.
Little Cougars is a program that was a tradition started by Coach Cathy Messenger. These bite-sized athletes learned their moves from hard-working girls that attend cheer practice in the Cactus Canyon gym.
She said the program shows that CCJH welcomes the community to be involved in Cactus Canyon Junior High.
“The goal of the Little Cougars clinic is to have our cheerleaders actively involved in our community,” Messenger said.
The clinic is a good experience for both Little Cougars and the cheer Cougars as it teaches patience, work ethic, responsibility, and commitment.
“For the Little Cougars, we hope that they gained some basic cheerleading skills as well as self-confidence, but of course it is most important that they have fun,” said Messenger. “For my cheerleaders, I hope that they gain a sense of responsibility, learn about the challenges and joys of teaching cheer, but most of all I hope it enhances their leadership skills.”
“I think the Little Cougars learned the concept of what it takes to be a cheerleader,” said eighth grader Alex Inlow. “It helps me build my communicating skills and in some ways it helps me become a better cheerleader.”
The CCJH cheer squad prepared a routine for the Little Cougar to learn in one night. The younger Cougars wore the white with pink lettered shirts as they performed their new moves at during halftime Feb. 1.
Messenger said the clinic was successful and she hopes to have another community event during the boys basketball season.
“This years Little Cougar bunch varied in age a lot more than last year’s,” she said. “We also had more participants this year, which was awesome. Last year, we had 16 participants and this year we had 24. I’m hoping we can match that amount for the upcoming clinic in April, and maybe even get some boys involved.”
The proceeds from the Little Cougars are going to support the CCJH cheerleaders at their competition March 22.

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