CCJH student aspires to be on Broadway

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Drama, Electives

By Bobby Bauders and Carsyn Ainsworth
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon eighth grader Morgan Langdon aspires one day to be a Broadway actress.
Langdon appeared in the school production “Oz Monologues” as Dorothy, and said it was her mother who inspired her to begin acting.
“She was so committed every day, and that taught me to be committed to acting,” Langdon said about her mother.
If Langdon continues on her acting path, she hopes to appear in Broadway shows in New York.
“I want to be on Broadway someday because acting is one of my greatest passions,” Langdon said.
Langdon practiced for hours to perform in the school play. She’s been acting since first grade and said drama is her favorite class.
“I was in drama last year, which was the best class ever,” Langdon said.
Langdon aims to be in drama all throughout high school and hopes it will lead to a career in acting.
“I want to be a really successful actress because I love acting,” Langdon.
Drama teacher Tina Harshman said that Langdon did great on stage and that she was chosen as Dorothy because she was up to the challenge of memorizing a lot of lines and long monologues.
“As for her talent, she is good at developing characters and projects well on stage,” said Harshman.

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