Seventh graders get marine biology learning opportunity

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Academics, Science

By Nicholas Kelley and Cambria Coughlin
Cougar News Blog

While most students are sleeping and happy about finally being on spring break, many students will be attending a trip to San Diego on March 8. On the trip they’ll go to SeaWorld and other educational events in California.
About 50 seventh graders will be attending this trip and they are excited about the time with friends and hands-on learning opportunities.
“I am looking forward to spending an entire weekend with my friends on the beach and at Sea World,” said Albertsen. “I am also looking forward to learning more about marine biology.”
Leading the trip will be seventh grade science teacher Candice Wyatt. Students who will be going on the trip will be able to to experience what they have been learning all year in school such as ecology, animal habitats, and rare environments up close.
“They will learn more without realizing they are learning,” said Wyatt. “It’s fun and interesting information about animals and their environment.”
To attend the trip, students have to pay about $375, have passing grades, and to help with school fundraisers for the trip. Fundraisers included selling candles and cookie dough.
“My parents paid for my trip, but I raised my spending money by selling candles, and I am using some of my birthday (and) Christmas money as well,” said Albertsen.

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