CCJH basketball team preps for playoffs

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Athletics, Girls basketball

By Sommer Middleton
Cougar News Blog

As their season comes to an end with a regular-season record of 5-4, the Lady Cougars basketball team is working harder than ever.
While working on getting better shots and communicating, they are building upon their already strong defense, which the team hopes will help it win in the playoffs. CCJH will compete in the Desert Middle School Athletic League playoffs on Saturday, March 9.
“Our main strength this season is our defensive plays because you can’t win a game without good defense,” said eighth grader Mattie Fahrenbruch.
Another one of the team’s strong spots has been its teamwork. All through the season the team has as worked on playing as a group, rather than individuals.
“The girls have done a great job trying to work together as a team,” said Coach Kim Widmer. “My goal for them as a team was to just improve and try to teach them as much as I could during the short season. I also want the girls to feel a part of a family and know that as a team you can be a lot more successful than you can as an individual.”
The Cougars, who earned the league’s No. 3 seed, play Hohokam Saturday at 2:30 p.m. at Coolidge High School. Cactus Canyon went 1-1 against the Bulldogs in the regular season and would advance to the championship game with a victory.
“Our goal is to hopefully go to the championships,” said Widmer.
  1. Carma says:

    We did our best but there were many things that needed worked on.

  2. Stacy says:

    It’s great to hear the team really making progress. They really worked hard. Thank you Sommer Middleton for the positive information. Go Cougars.

  3. Uncle Lou says:

    Great Job Sommer!

  4. Michelle Engstrom says:

    Hey there Sommer! It’s Mrs. Engstrom. Great story. Miss seeing all of you and I hope that you are all well. Keep up the great work!

  5. Amber E says:

    I played basketball for my school team and its to bad we took 4th place but we played well.

  6. Grampa &Gramma Elliano says:

    Yea Sommer – from Valley Center

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