Social studies students learn WWII battles

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Academics, Social Studies

By Colin Penge
Cougar News Blog

Students in eighth-grade social studies were assigned to a project about the battles in Europe and the Pacific during February, so they could learn about the important events of World War II.
Children in Mrs. Cave’s eighth-grade social studies class got to create a project with facts about the European and Pacific theaters, including the Battle of Britain and the Invasion of Peleliu. The students need to learn about World War II because of how much it changed the course of history.
Mrs. Cave said, “The goal of the project was to familiarize students with major battles and invasions from World War II.”
The students did lessons during class that helped them learn about all the major and small skirmishes that went on during World War II. Students also worked on projects and assignments about some of the most famous engagements.
“I enjoyed myself,” said Nick Mason. “I got to learn about some pretty interesting stuff like Pearl Harbor and the bomb that dropped on Hiroshima.”
The team of social studies teachers worked together to create a project that all three of their classes could use and work on. They broke down the conflicts and took out the important battles, such as the Battle of the Bulge.
“The social team created the project from using an outline of the European and Pacific theater then broke it down into specific battles for each student to research,” said Mrs. Cave.
The social studies team plans to have more projects that fit this style of assignment, and World War II will continue to be one of their main topics. They said they also plan to start doing this layout more with future eighth-grade students.
“I think it would be pretty cool to learn some more history about World War II,” Noah Cabral.

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