Girls show that weight training class isn’t just for boys

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Electives, Weight Training


By Kaylee Layman
Cougar News Blog

Just as Alex Ivy is a boy in a traditionally girls sport, several CCJH girls have signed up for the school’s male-dominated weight training elective.
Among three classes during the second semester, about 12 girls are taking weight training to improve their strength and overall fitness.
“I think it’s very cool that girls are in weight training as well as boys,” said eighth grader Jonathan Milano. “It breaks the stereotype that only guys work out at the gym.”
Whether to improve their physical and mental health, to get in shape, or to improve in a sport, all the girls in the class had a reason to take weight training.
“I joined to get toned up and beautiful,” said eighth grader Katriel Jones.
The girls said they were not thinking about weight training being a “boys” class when they signed up, but that seeing how the guys work out drives them to do better.
“It’s cool training with the boys because they help you and motivate you,” said eighth grader Ashley Osback.
Still, they said it’s not always easy training with the boys because some take lifting so seriously.
“I didn’t expect it to be with mainly all boys and I sometimes felt very out of place,” said eighth grader Kali Adams, who took the class during the first semester. “But there (were) three other girls in there with me so I wasn’t all alone. Training with the boys was weird because they work out more (intensely) than girls do and they rough house a lot more.”
Assistant principal Joyce Gingrich said that as long as boys and girls keep working well together, the class will continue to be co-ed, but someday there may be enough girls for a single-gender class.
“As of right now the coach and I have decided to keep mixing the boys and girls, but if we have to we will make a separate class for the girls,” said Gingrich.

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