Eighth graders get freshmen orientation

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Academics

By Cambria Coughlin
Cougar News Blog

Going from junior high to high school can be a big move, especially if the students don’t know what to expect, what classes they will take, or who their teachers will be.
To help students prepare for a smoother transition, Apache Junction High School Principal Larry LaPrise invited Cactus Canyon eighth graders to the school Feb. 26 to cover some of the basic information.
The students and their parents were able to learn what classes they will need to take and which electives might spark their interest. They also learned about AJHS’s Success for Life class, which helps students set and accomplish goals for school and their future.
“The class that will help all the incoming freshman next year is our Success class,” said Mr. LaPrise. “It is designed to keep a class with one teacher for 20 minutes a day, for two years.”
Mr. LaPrise said he looks forward to having the new ninth graders and is excited about the experiences they are going to have. He also has very high expectations for the students.
“I expect the students to learn the class material,” said LaPrise. “I also expect each student to strive toward a goal after they graduate from AJHS.”
Eighth grader Cinthya Fernandez said she anxious about entering high school, but that she shares the principal’s goals.
“I (am) nervous about meeting the teachers for the first time,” she said. “My main goal is to meet all of their expectations.”
  1. Mr. LaPrise says:

    I look forward to seeing familiar faces and watching all of you grow in academics and co-curricular activities.

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