Jazz band gets snowed out of going to NAU

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Academics, Band

By Kaitlyn Shafer
Cougar News Blog

The jazz band was hoping to go to the Jazz Festival at Northern Arizona University on Feb. 20 and 21, to have fun performing and listen to other bands. But, the day they were supposed to leave, a snow storm came and they couldn’t travel in it.
Band director Aimee Vining was disappointed and so were the kids. They were going to see the NAU Jazz Band perform, perform themselves, and hopefully play in the snow. She mostly wanted them to listen to other jazz bands, so they could see how they are doing and what to look forward to in high school. Instead they went to Oregano’s for pizza and played some laser tag, which made it not so sad.
“We were looking forward to playing in the snow,” says Kaci Beyer, eighth grade baritone player. “But we were also looking forward to seeing other bands, since that would be a great experience.”
Vining had been planning the trip since November and everyone was really excited about it. This was the first year that the school had a jazz band and that they were going to go on the trip. In January, they were going to perform at an art festival in Gold Canyon but, that was canceled from weather as well.
“We were very disappointed because we were going to have so much fun doing all the different things,” says Beyer.
Next year they will try to go and hopefully they will. For the rest of this year though, they are just going to keep a positive attitude and look forward to other activities and performances they have coming up.
“We were bummed, but we decided, life is full of disappointments, what matters is how you cope with them,” said Vining.

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