Two yearbook girls stand out

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Academics, Yearbook

By Sam Collins
Cougar News Blog

Yearbook for Cactus Canyon Junior High is a task students take on throughout the year. With the school year coming to an end, they scramble to make the books memorable. Two girls have made that job easier for everyone.
Baily Wright and Beatriz de Santiago make the yearbook team feel more comfortable in the class, and make the book itself look like magic. The girls motivate and help the other students improve.
“Without Bea and Baily, yearbook would be chaos,” said seventh grader Ashli Albertsen. “They keep yearbook together.”
Wright and de Santiago are the only two that returned from last year’s staff and have showed excellent leadership. Both girls have people counting on them to pull off the task of being in control of the book, but everyone knows they can pull it off.
“Bea and Baily have taken ownership of this year’s book and provide that motivation to the rest of the class,” yearbook adviser Jason Davis said. “They go above and beyond.”
Yearbook needed someone to fall back on, and the two eighth graders were happy to step up. Without the pair, the class wouldn’t be nearly as organized or professional as it is now.
“We are a family,” said Bea. “It is really stressful, but thankfully I have a Baily, that way she gets half the stress.”
The twosome has both been able to learn how to get things done in a timely manner, be productive, and know how to steer people in the right direction. They’ve also gained the appreciation for photography and design, even if they don’t decide to make a career out of it.
“I hope students learn that it’s not enough just to get things done correctly, they have to be done properly and professionally in order to put out a product everyone will be proud of,” Davis said.

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