Best-selling author visits CCJH

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Library


By Cambria Coughlin
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon students were very excited about about the visit of New York Times best-selling Brandon Mull March 22, as the best-selling author came to the school to talk about his latest book Chasing the Prophecy.
Selected seventh- and eighth-grade students were able to listen to Mull speak in the library during seventh hour. The author of the Fabelhaven series, Mull visited to promote the third book in his Beyonders series.
Mull said was always daydreaming or coming up with stories when he was a kid.
“I’ve always loved adventure stories,”said Mull. “Which led me to daydreaming my own adventure stories.”
Mull hopes that his books will take readers on a fun ride and also hopes that the reader meets characters that they care about and interest them.
The author talked about his books and what he hopes the future will be, not only for his books, but also future writers.
“I hope that future writers realize that if a goofy guy like me can become an author,” said Mull. “Maybe they could too.”
Fans can and will expect another book series starting in the fall of 2013. Students or parents can visit for more information about Mull or his books.

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