CCJH cheerleaders take to the road

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Athletics, Cheer

By Sommer Middleton
Cougar News Blog

Unlike previous years, Cactus Canyon cheerleaders will be bringing Cougar spirit to both home and away basketball games this season.
After three years of only the teams traveling to away football games, the Cactus Canyon cheerleaders will be taking their show on the road, to all the gymnasiums of the opposing basketball teams.
“The reason for our cheerleaders traveling after two years of not, is so we can bring more cougar spirit to away games and show off our three time champion cheerleading team,” said Chad Cantrell Cactus Canyon athletic director.
In order to get to the games the cheerleaders will joining the basketball and soccer players on the bus.
“I enjoy having the cheerleaders on the bus because they raise our spirits,” said seventh grader Trevor Bayer.
Even though the basketball players enjoy having the cheerleaders at their games, it makes the time to and from away games a lot more crowded.
“One of the things that’s different about having soccer basketball and cheer all on one bus is that there are fewer seats,” said eighth grader Cameron Kunkle.
While being on the bus is a little more crowded than expected, the cheerleaders still enjoy cheering at the games.
“The boys are quiet and full of concentration while we are loud and full of energy, so it makes for a very eventful bus ride,” said seventh grader Alyssa Pauley.
  1. Randy says:

    Great job Sommer! We are very proud of you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Mom says:

    Wow! Do you run out of seats on the bus? How fun, traveling with the team. Go Courgers

  3. Peggy Elliano says:

    Good reporting Sommer. Keep up the Cougar spirit. Grandma Peggy and Grandpa

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