Book Club visits Arizona Science Center

Posted: May 30, 2013 in Book Club, Organizations

By Sage Lewis
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon Book Club students went to the Arizona Science Center April 13. The students completed a science project to be eligible to go to the museum with the club. Book club participants looking to expand their knowledge and experiences in school took part in the activity.
Book Club, a club of CCJH students that enjoy literature and books, completed a extended learning project to be eligible to go to the science museum.
“They (had) to perform an experiment and create a scientific board using the format,” said adviser Lisa Smith. “They had to perform the experiment, create the board, and they present their projects to a panel of judges.”
Students had to sacrifice after-school time and any other extra time to work and learn with the project to go enjoy the science museum in Phoenix, but students said it was worth it.
“I learned about the Renaissance era, science facts and about different animals,” said eighth grader Brittany Wilson. “It helped me to focus more on my school work and become a more active and participating member.
“We learned many details on how to recycle, reuse, and reduce many materials. We learned lots of information about the planet from the planetarium. We also a lot about force and motion with hands on experiments in the museum,” Smith said.
Wilson said the club likes to go on trips to show that club members have interests beyond just books.
“Participating in the book club field trips is important because book club isn’t just about reading; we learn other things too. Plus, when we’re on a field trip, we have fun and make inside jokes.”

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