Eighth graders elect AJHS council members

Posted: May 30, 2013 in Student Council

By Nicholas Kelley
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon eighth-grade students were allowed to vote May 3 for their new president and vice president for next year when they become freshmen.
Eighth grade students Beatriz Desantiago was voted in to become freshman president and Jaydin Smith was elected as vice president. Samantha Collins, Abby Davis, and Calysta Harshman were also selected to be at-large representatives.
“AJHS will be very pleased with all five of the girls chosen for its council. They are hardworking, school-first people who don’t complain when things don’t go their way,” said Cactus Canyon Student Council adviser Jason Davis. “They all have different talents, but they are creative and want to set a good example for others. Whatever events they help plan will be great.”
Before the elections happened all candidates did several voting strategies for their campaign. For example some students hung up posters, while others gave away food and even pencils. The electees will be serving next year at the Apache Junction High School.
“I talked to random people, made posters, passed out Dum-Dums, helped out the other people running for office” said Desantiago.
The electees are excited about winning the election and cannot wait to start in the AJHS Student Council next year.
“Next year I plan on being the best student I can be,” said Smith. “I’m excited to be a part of Student Council, and I will do everything I can to help our school.”
AJHS StuCo adviser Nikki Smith has lots of things planned for the entire student council next year.
“Next year Student Council will be planning dances, assemblies, blood drives, talent shows, (and) leadership lock-ins,” said Nikki Smith. “We also participate in community service at least once a month.”

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