Wind ensemble earns excellent at festival

Posted: May 30, 2013 in Band

By Kaitlyn Shafer
Cougar News Blog

On March 21, the wind ensemble brought back an excellent rating from their band festival. This is the second year they have gotten an excellent.
The Arizona Band and Orchestra Directors Association (ABODA) held the festival at Mesquite High School in Gilbert. At the festival the band members didn’t just perform, the judges also came up to the stage and showed them things they need to work on or learn.
A couple of the things that the judges told them was to better emphasize dynamics and how to play accidentals correctly.
“I learned a lot, like how to articulate better,” said Kaci Beyer, eighth-grade baritone player.
It was a lot of pressure for the students since it was more serious than a concert. The judges have the score in front of them while the band plays, so they know when there is a mistake.
“It was a lot of pressure,” said Aimee Vining, the band director. “But it was worth it when we got our rating and plague.”
This year the band was bigger than last year. They had more low brass which lead to a bigger, fuller sound. They have been practicing for this since the beginning of the year, and to celebrate their success they went to Stratum Laser Tag.
“Everyone did their best, they looked sharped, and sounded great,” said Vining.

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