C4C sponsors anti-bully week

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Bullying, Communities for Change, Current Events and Issues

By Kaylee Layman
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon Junior High school’s staff was talking a lot about bullying during the week of April 29. Each day there was a new message was highlighted in the announcements and Communities 4 Change members put together a week for students to show how they feel.
This week was packed and ended with a guest speaker and a dance.
The idea behind the spirit week was repetition because administrators felt students needed to hear the anti-bullying message over and over so they can begin to apply it to their lives.
“Over time this will start to get to student,” said assistant principal Joyce Gingrich.
This made a positive impact on the school as a whole by allowing student to express how bullying has affected them or people they know.
“When I was at the high school the other day I saw one of last year’s students sticking up for a kid that was being bullied,” Gingrich said. “I was so proud to see that we are really getting through to the students.”

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