Seventh graders prepare to lead council

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Student Council

By Nicholas Kelley
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon seventh graders voted May 17 for their representatives on next year’s Student Council. The open positions included president, won by Janelle Digos, vice president, won by Ryle Loftis, and two senators, won by Vanessa Silbar and Jade Purper.
Throughout the entire school were posters advertising the candidate. Several of the posters had catchy phrases and detailed image designs. Seventh grader candidates also used other strategies such as speaking to people in person and using sites like Facebook to get more votes.
Students who were not voted in or didn’t choose to run in the election could still be in student council by being a representative for the student council next year. Representatives were given a short interview and had to complete the same application as those in the election. Arlene Rodriguez, Diana Elliott, Regan Rose, and Destiny Robin.
Student Council adviser Jason Davis said those who will serve on the council will learn a lot about themselves next year.
“Junior high StuCo is, I think, a place where kids determine what kind of student they want to be throughout high school,” said Davis. “They have the opportunity demonstrate leadership, develop school pride, and plan events for the student body. Some students decide they really want to be involved in their school and some don’t, but StuCo certainly shows them how it’s done.”
Cactus Canyon Junior High student council advisor Jason Davis aims to have students who show traits of maturity, dedication, and are willing to go the extra mile.
“StuCo members have to make good choices outside of class and be able to work independently on projects,” Davis said. “I believe its called ‘student’ council for a reason and I expect students to take charge of the events they want to plan. I used to do a lot of things myself, but it’s too much work for an old man like me. Besides, if kids have ownership of the event, they’ll be more excited about it.”

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