PDA leaves Cactus Canyon Jr. High

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Cougar PRIDE

By Maranda Brousseau
Cougar News Blog

Last year, Cactus Canyon Junior High had several issues with students using public displays of affection. As a result, the decision was made by the administrators and teachers to eliminate PDA.
Over the summer, administrators and teachers met to discuss the new Cougar PRIDE plan. During this conversation, they came across PDA and decided to make a rule to keep PDA under control.
Teachers have been working on enforcing these new guidelines while students are trying to break their old hugging habits. Some teachers who believe that the rule can help make the campus a better place.
“I believe there will be a positive outcome on campus. Less PDA means less chances for students to be intimate with each other,” said eighth grade teacher Candice Wyatt.
Eighth grade teacher Shannon Snowball believes that it is a good thing to enforce at school.
“Education is the number one priority on campus,” she said. “Rather than prioritize and have uncertain expectations of what is OK and what is not, it is easier to just make the rule applicable (to everything).
Many students are upset about the new PDA rule because they feel that the new PDA rule did not only eliminates hugging and hand-holding, but relationships altogether. Eighth grader Nick Selover said that many students are upset about the new rule because of the no hugging involved in the rule.
“Most students including myself strongly disagree with the new rule. After not seeing your friends all break, you want to hug them,” said eighth grader Celeste Gavirati.
Eighth grade math teacher Jeremy Seaman said that he understands why students are upset, but that the rule is set up to stop the progression of PDA. One PDA movement leads to another.
“There are certain things that belong in a school setting and things that don’t,” said Mr. Seaman.
“I expected students to go against the rules and argue,” said Assistant Principal Chad Cantrell. “But, students have reacted better than I thought. Students are showing that they are mature and can respect the rules.”
  1. Mrs. Aehlert says:

    I support this rule. I like to get hugs too, but I understand that school is not the place for it. You can show someone how much you care for them in other ways besides physical touch.
    (I like chocolate!)(and ladybugs)(just sayin’)

  2. Maranda Brousseau says:

    Yes, I understand that. Students are getting used to the rule now.

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