PRIDE program rewards students for positive behavior

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Cougar PRIDE
Teachers hand out PRIDE Paws when students follow the behavior expectations of the Cougar PRIDE matrix. Drawings are held each week and prizes are awarded to Paw recipients.

Teachers hand out PRIDE Paws when students follow the behavior expectations of the Cougar PRIDE matrix. Drawings are held each week and prizes are awarded to Paw recipients.

By Ashley Mothershed
Cougar news Blog

Cactus Canyon Junior High has introduced a new behavior program known as PRIDE. This new curriculum offers students rewards for doing the right thing and meeting the school’s expectations for behavior.
PRIDE stands for Preparation, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence. PRIDE should be used everywhere including the bus, classrooms and at lunch. CCJH teachers and staff are giving students PRIDE paws when they show respect toward the school and other people.
For example; If a teacher or staff member sees students doing something to show respect they will be rewarded with a PRIDE Paw. These Pride paws can be put into a raffle basket with is located in the front office. Once a week there is a drawing and the students get to pick a prize.
With the program come some more strict rules, including public displays of affection, which are no longer allowed Administrators believe that if some PDA is allowed then it will eventually escalate into more advanced PDA.
“I am okay with the new PDA rules,” said eighth grader Janelle Digos. “But I don’t think anyone likes it.”
Cactus Canyon Junior High is also enforcing a no-gum rule. In the previous years, a limited amount of teachers have allowed gum in their classroom, but due to disrespect towards school property no gum is allowed on campus.
Some student are disappointed because they feel that gum helps them concentrate during class.
“Many kids use gum to concentrate on tests or just chew to keep their mouths occupied and I feel that teachers should allow it in their classrooms,” said eighth-grader Ashli Albertsen.
Another new procedure being enforced is no electronic devices. Last year, students were allowed listen to music with headphones in between class periods. A handful of teachers would allow their students to listen to music while doing class work or partnered work.
“I hope that students learn about the appropriateness of when and where to wear headphones,” said Assistant Principal Chad Cantrell. “It gives the appearance of being disrespectful when you have ear buds in while someone is talking to you whether or not you are actually listening to music.”
Even though there have been some changes, PRIDE is meant to be a positive program to remind students of expectations everywhere on campus rather than enforcing rules.
“I think the students will benefit from the consistency of guidelines,” said teacher Jeremy Seaman. “Students don’t have to remember rules for each class they are in. The PRIDE program will make the campus a more fun and safe place to be. In the end, (students) will take away a better overall experience at school, and hopefully better grades in the process.”
  1. Maranda Brousseau says:

    I think that this will have a positive outcome. Sadly, most students only do good deeds if there is a reward. But, this program offers a chance for students to get recognized for their good did. Some students do things with out knowing they’ll get a reward. This program will help both sides. This story is very well written with lots of details. Good job!

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