StuCo plans NYC dance for Thursday

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Dances, Student Council
StuCo representative Diana Elliott poses with a Statue of Liberty that will be used as decoration for this year's welcome back dance.

StuCo representative Diana Elliott poses with a Statue of Liberty that will be used as decoration for this year’s welcome back dance.

By Kayla Mix
Cougar News Blog

The CCJH Student Council is hosting the year’s first dance on Aug. 29. They are working every seventh hour and at home to finish in. The dance will be from 6:15-8:00 p.m. The theme is “A Night in New York” and, there will be some of New York’s most famous landmarks.
Since the dance is today, the Student Council is working very hard to get things done.
The cafeteria and gym are meant to look like students are walking down a street in New York City. Everything is supposed to be as realistic as possible. There with be a photo area with a backdrop of tall skyscrapers and a taxi cab to pose with.
“We are making the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, lots of stop signs, (and) a subway station,” said Digos.
All of the famous landmarks will be made by hand using paper, cardboard, and lots of paint. Some may wonder why the Student Council doesn’t just buy all of the landmarks. The school dances are the major fundraisers of Cactus Canyon and less money that is spent on decorations means more money to help the school.
Plus, making the decorations let the students show off their talents and will make this dance unique.
Student Council Adviser Jason Davis said dances help the students have fun in the same place that they learn every day.
“Kids get to cut loose a little bit but still be in a familiar, safe environment,” said Davis.
Student Council President Janelle Digos said the council is really proud of how everything turned out and thinks students will enjoy the dance.
“This dance is going to be amazing,” said Digos.
  1. Brooklyn says:

    Good Job Kayla!!!!

  2. Mrs. Aehlert says:

    I had fun!
    The decorations were awesome. I loved Times Square and all the stop signs on the tables.
    Great job StuCo!

  3. Maranda Brousseau says:

    The dance was great and the decorations were outstanding so I hope we have another dance soon!

  4. McKinley Kelley says:

    I had a lot of fun at the school dance. Way better than last year. more than less, the turnout was an outstanding success. It would be nice if more people would come and have fun. I think that the next dance will be better than this one. Their will probably be more people and more people wanting to help out.

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