Cactus Canyon begins switch to Chromebooks

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Academics, Technology
Chromebooks have begun to replace netbooks at CCJH.

Chromebooks have begun to replace netbooks at CCJH.

By Mario Duran
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon Junior High is stepping up its technology game this school year by adding brand new Chromebooks to the classroom.
The Apache Junction Unified School District Technology Department released Chromebooks to eight separate classrooms this year to help the students get a leg up in their education.
“The AJUSD Technology Department is always listening to our students and teachers and researching the latest devices,” said Principal Courtney Castelhano.
CCJH offers a one-to-one environment – one computer per student – in every classroom to enhance the student’s learning by helping them stay connected to their teachers and classmates over Google Drive and e-mail accounts. Students can access their teachers’ assignments on the Internet, saving them the trouble of getting worksheets.
The school district had been using only Dell and HP netbooks up until last year, when they were being tested out by technology department and a few teachers and students, who gave positive reactions.
“The netbooks that we have been using are starting to age and a replacement has become necessary,” said Castelhano. “Technology changes quickly and staying on top of the best possible devices for our students is important.”
“(Chromebooks) are faster and there’s no extra software to bog them down,” said Jason Davis, and one of the teachers that uses the Chromebooks. “They have all the functionality we need.”
The school district plans on adding more Chromebooks until the original netbooks are replaced entirely, and only the Chromebooks remain in use.
“Students think they are cool and want to use them,” Davis said. “If they are happy to be using the Chromebooks, they are going to enjoy class and learn more.”
  1. Maranda says:

    I think the chromebooks are better than the netbooks. They’re much bigger and way faster! I love the new establishment.

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