Cactus Canyon starts Instagram page

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Academics, Journalism, Yearbook

By Alysa Rippee
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon is a part of the Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and finally the Instagram community. Journalism and yearbook teacher, Jason Davis, has officially set up an Instagram account for Cactus Canyon Junior High. The account can be found @cougar_media.
Multiple students from Davis’ classes will have access to the site. To ensure nothing inappropriate gets posted onto the page, students with access will have to ask permission before posting any pictures. Also, each student will have a limit to how many pictures will be posted each day.
“We want to show pictures of all types of things that happen here,” Davis said. “Whether it’s sports and clubs or projects and experiments that happen inside the classroom, we want to have a little bit of everything. It’s kind of a mini yearbook if we do it right.”
As for cell phone limitations, it won’t be much of a problem unless there are things going on in classes. The students taking pictures for the page are hoping teachers will allow them to take pictures of projects and other classroom activities. If the teachers have any concerns, Davis said he would be willing to send permission to do it.
“We will have no problem getting photos of students doing things at lunch and at after-school activities. Classroom photos will be more difficult because phones aren’t allowed. My hope is that some teachers will allow a picture to be taken once in awhile when they are doing a photo-worthy activity,” Davis said. ”It’s not something that should happen very often because we want to make sure we comply with all the rules, but we do want to have academics represented on the page. That’s why we’re here after all.”
If anything bad does get posted, it will be removed immediately and the page will be taken down. If somebody posts without permission, they will lose their privilege and be temporarily removed. The guidelines are meant to keep the page as safe as possible.
“Creating an Instagram account will help impact our school by helping students and parents know what’s exactly going on at school, projects that are going on in classes, all those little things you don’t always see or hear,” said eighth-grader Holly Stillman said.
Being featured on the page will be sports events, school projects and experiments, yearbook members’ photos, assemblies, and any important updates. Students will have a way to be more involved with the school.
“If we keep the account updated and take great photos, I really do think the account will make it,” Stillman said.”We hope everyone participates in running the account and has fun doing so.”
  1. Maranda Brousseau says:

    I think that this will be fun for the students. Some teachers will help out if they know that the picture is going on the instagram page. Some teachers will allow you to take your phone out depending on who the teacher is.

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