Students work with AJPD, AJFD to learn physics

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Academics, Science

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By Mario Duran
Cougar New Blog

Eighth grade students at Cactus Canyon Junior High recently left the classroom and headed into the streets to perform a physics experiment.
With the help of both the Apache Junction Police Department and Apache Junction Fire District, science students got some hands-on experience with collecting data and applying physics in the real world. Students surveyed a fake bike crash and attempt to determine what happened using skills obtained from their science class.
“Students are applying schoolwork to real world scenarios,” said Constance Halonen, Community Resource Coordinator for the AJPD. “They are being provided with the opportunity to interact with police and fire personnel.”
Not only did this project give the participants the chance to apply the knowledge that they have been given, it also provided experience in working in a group of their fellow students.
“My overall goal for this project, outside of learning the physics standards, is that students learn to work collaboratively with their peers,” said Regan Roach, one of the teachers involved with the project.
The experiment was first attempted last year, using only members of the police department, as opposed to this year in which they used members of the fire district to provide real-life examples of accidents.
“I wanted to excite kids about physics by incorporating (a) real-life scenario,” said Roach. “The AJPD create that excitement.”
  1. Maranda Brousseau says:

    I think that this was a good experience for students. Not many Junior High students get the chance to do something in science like this. I feel that students enjoyed the experience.

  2. […] Grade Science Teachers, Regan Roach and Candy Wyatt, created a PBL which brought in the AJ Police Department and AJ Fire Department. The Fire Department helped students connect the real world application of Newton’s Laws of […]

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