New trip takes students to Prescott Pines

Posted: September 25, 2013 in Academics, Science, Trips

By Kathy G.
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon Junior High will be having four trips this year, some for eighth graders and some for seventh graders. CCJH is adding a new camping trip to Prescott Pines. where students will have some school-related activities, but they will also have some just for fun.
These educational activities include ecology, arts and crafts, and a compass conquest. For fun, students will enjoy wagon rides, campfires, and making smores. On this trip, students will have a chance to make new friends and memories by making tents, forts, and doing skits.
Prescott Pines is different from the other trips because it is an in-state trip which means less time sitting on the bus and more time having fun in Prescott. Students will be staying in cabins with their friends instead of spending a lot of time on a bus.
The trip will cost $195 for all seventh and eighth graders and take place Feb. 21-24.
Eighth-grade science teacher Regan Roach has been planning this trip for a little more than a year and the trip is available to 80 students.
“I want students to build relationships that will last a lifetime,” she said. “I also hope that they will learn to explore their world, outside, not just via the Internet.”
CCJH is having three other trips. Catalina Island is filled with a science and fun and will happen Oct. 3-6.
Another trip will be the Sea World trip in San Diego for students who are interested in sea life and the environment. It will be March 7-9.
Then there is one last trip for the year, which will happen in June 2014. The trip will take students on a guided tour of Washington D.C., including all the major monuments and buildings.
“I think my favorite part about the D.C. trip will be seeing new places,” said eighth grader Isabel Ramp. “And learning about the Supreme Court and what they do there, I am excited to learn who works there too.”
  1. Jackie says:

    I really like this! You did a really good job! (:

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