Spirit week raising awareness about bullying

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Bullying, Current Events and Issues, Spirit

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By Kayla Mix
Cougar News Blog

Bullying. It’s a big problem that happens worldwide. With this big problem at hand what are schools supposed to do? Not sit here and wait for things to change all by themselves. No, students and teachers alike must come together to put a stop to this problem, and that is exactly what Cactus Canyon Junior High is doing.
Cactus Canyon’s office staff and administrators have come up with a spirit week to raise awareness about the problem of bullying. The week will be Sept. 30-Oct. 4.
“Everyone deserves a safe, friendly environment to learn and work in,” said behavior coach Carol Dolle. “If we can stop bullying on our campus we will be providing that environment for our students.”
This week should be taken seriously because this is a very serious problem that all schools are dealing with. Many people who work in the office came together with the ideas for Spirit Week. Monday was Courteous Cougar Day, Tuesday is Super Hero Day, Wednesday is Put a lid on Bullying, which means students can wear hats all day long. Thursday is Black out Bullying Day, and Friday is Team Day so students wear jerseys from different sports teams.
An important lesson of spirit week is to treat everyone equally and that everyone is different and special in his or her own special way.
“Spirit week makes me feel more involved in school activities,” said Vanessa Silbar. “And like I fit in.”
  1. Jackie says:

    I love this! Bulling does need to stop! You did a really good job. C:

  2. Alysa Rippee says:

    Great writing! Explains a very good message while also keeping the information on spirit week. Great job.

  3. Holly says:

    I love the pictures you used for this story! They’re great photos that show school spirit.

  4. Marianita says:

    I love your writing. Kayla you did a great job.

  5. Hi,
    We really liked your blog post about spirit week and raising awareness about bullying. We think the issue is very important. We liked how each day of spirit week there was a different theme, where you could be yourself. Maybe in your slide show you could have added a picture from each day of spirit week. Overall, we loved your blog post, and reading all about spirit week.

    -5C Chickering Reporters

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