Journalism students enter blogging challenge

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Academics, Edublogs Challenge, Journalism, Technology

By Ashley Mothershed
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon’s student newspaper, The Cougar News Blog, has entered the 2013-14 EduBlogs challenge. Other schools have also entered the challenge from several other countries and differing ages.
Schools from all around the world including Cactus Canyon have entered into the international blogging challenge. The students in Journalism II are thrilled to be participating in a huge challenge with other blogs.
“I am ecstatic that we have the opportunity to compete in the challenges,” said eighth grader Journalism II student Holly Stillman, “It gives us the chance to have others see our work and we get to see others and learn new things to improve our writing, it’s a win – win for everyone.”
“The best thing about the challenge is the opportunity to connect with other students from around the world. Other bloggers will visit our page, see our work, and know about all the great things happening at CCJH, said Mr. Davis. “Every week or month, we’ll participate in different challenges, which are not only good ways to connect with other writers, but also good team builders for the class.”
This challenge lasts 10 weeks, and every Sunday new challenges are posted to the EduBlogs website. Completed challenges are posted on the Cougar News Blog, along with several other stories.
The journalism staff thought that there would be awards for the best student blog, but the EduBlog challenge is meant to give students and teachers around the world a chance to check out other schools.
“I was really hoping this challenge was an opportunity for us to win an award and be recognized for our outstanding work, but it turns out there are no awards this time. Edublogs does give awards later in the year for the top student blogs and will absolutely be trying to win one of those,” said Mr. Davis. “I think our blog is amazing and deserves to be recognized. But the extra time will give everyone time to become even better writers and we’ll have an excellent chance to win. It’ pretty much my mission in life to be able to say I have an award-winning journalism program.”
  1. I’m glad you all joined the Student Blogging Challenge. It gives the students opportunities to expand your global audience.

    While the Challenge does not have awards or winners, the Eddies (Edublog Awards) occurs not long after the fall Student Blogging Challenge.

    My recommendation for the students is to leave quality comments on other blogs with a link back you your blog, or one of your posts. For example, just saying, “I like your blog. Come check out our blog,” is not considered a quality comment. A quality comment actually connects with the author and adds new information, or asks a question that causes the author to reflect and continue the conversation.

    Again, I’m glad you’ve joined the Student Blogging Challenge.

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

  2. Holly says:

    Great story Ashley. We don’t need awards to know we’re great writers!

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