Improvisation helps students learn courage

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Academics, Drama, Electives

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Kathy G.
Cougar News Blog

Drew Carey made Who’s Line is it Anyway famous for millions American TV viewers, but Paige Reesor has made it famous for Cactus Canyon drama students.
Drama teacher Ms. Reesor was teaching her students improvisation. Improv is where students are acting on the spot without a script. For example, Ms. Reesor would tell a student a partial scenario, and the student would interpret it in his or her own way and act it out in front of the class.
The whole idea for the students watching Who’s Line is it Anyway was so they got a good understanding of improv. The performers on the show are professionals who are very creative and can think on the spot. Plus, the show has segments like Questions Only, Props, and Weird Newscaster that Ms. Reesor turned into games for the class.
“I wanted to pick improv games that would be fun for my students. Improv and comedy go well together and I wanted something my students could laugh at,” said Ms. Reesor. “Improv games help students become more comfortable with public speaking and performing in front of an audience.”
A lot of students mentioned on how enjoyable, fun, and creative the lessons and games were. They said they got a lot more courage and knowledge out of it.
One of the students, eighth grader Issabelle Ramp, said, “I really enjoyed the games. Ms. Reesor made them fun, (educational), and where you can hang out with your friends while doing it.”
Ms. Reesor tried plan a unit the students would get something out of and that is exactly what they did.
“I watched my students become more creative and not afraid to perform in front of the class,” she said.
  1. Jenny D. says:

    Ms. Reesor sounds awesome.

  2. Adam says:

    I believe that is true because I’m one of the student

  3. Holly S. says:

    Love the photos you used for this story!

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