Cheer squad hopes to add second competition

Posted: October 25, 2013 in Athletics, Cheer

Jackie Burgan
Cougar News Blog

Even though the cheer season doesn’t begin until January, the cheer squad is starting the process of winning its fourth consecutive Desert Middle School Athletic League title by holding tryouts this week.
This year for the cheer team there are two competitions, which is will be a first. The squad is looking into a competition with schools from other states.
“I think doing an outside competition will be extra motivation for the team,” says Cheer Coach Cathryn Messenger. “It is different than the competition that they are accustom to.”
Cheer tryouts started Monday, Oct. 21, and the team will be chosen Friday, Oct. 25.
Coach Messenger is looking for significant things in the girls who are trying out.
She said, “When choosing my squad, I look for members who are dedicated, have a good attitude, leadership skills, integrity, and good academic standings, and are responsible, respectful and promote school spirit.”
“Actually making the team this year will be hard because there are a lot of girls trying out and there are a limited amount of spots for the squad,” said eighth grader Trinity Izbicki.
Students who were in cheer last year, and now again this year said there is a lot of pressure to win again.
Izbicki said, “There is tons of pressure on going to the competitions and making the team, because this year we are going to try to do an out of state competition, which will be way different than we are used to.”
The girls that are trying out for cheer are doing some extra things that are really good and might help them make the squad.
Eighth-grade student Shaylee Russell said, “I would practice every day. Even if I already understand the cheer, I would also video tape myself to see if I am tight and doing everything right.”
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