BMX bikers ride into Cactus Canyon

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Assemblies, Current Events and Issues, Lunch

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By Holly Stillman
Cougar News Blog

On Oct. 11, BMX stunt riders grinded their way into Cactus Canyon during the half day lunch period and performed for staff and students.
The BMX Stunt Masters ‘shredded’ up the ramps with stunts and tricks, while also informing students about bicycle safety in a matter of 45 minutes.
Students were in awe as they watched bikers do gravity-defying tricks like backflips, leaping over each other’s heads, and many other crazy stunts that made the crowd go wild.
“I think the backflip was the best part because nobody knew if he could do it,” said seventh-grader Kaileah Goucher.
“I enjoyed the show very much; it amazed me a lot,” said eighth-grader Janelle Digos.
John Parker, the founder of Stunt Masters, has been touring schools all over the country and delivering their message to students that young people can be active, have fun, and still be safe since 1999. Parker has competed in the X-Games 11 times, winning four medals. He also walked away victoriously from the MTV Sports and Music Festival twice, and won multiple ASA World Tour events.
“I love my job. I’ve been riding bikes professionally for over 15 years,” said Parker. “Having a job that came from a hobby and sport that I’m passionate about is bliss.”
This was Stunt Masters second year visiting Cactus Canyon and most likely not their last time visiting.
“Our group and I would be happy to visit Cactus Canyon again,” said Parker. “The students were very appreciative and seemed to take away some valuable inspiration. I was happy to meet a few BMXers in the crowd.”
The students really got a kick out of the show and hope for an opportunity to watch them perform again.
“I would absolutely love it if the riders came back, they are so amazing and they
seem like they always have fun doing what they do,” said eighth grader Alissa Mahon.
Assistant Principal Joyce Gingrich hopes students enjoyed the show and were inspired by the BMX bikers that nothing is impossible and with enough hard work they could accomplish anything.
“The parts I saw were great,” said Mrs. Gingrich, who helped organize the event. “I hope they were able to see how much hard work it takes to do something well,” said Gingrich.
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