Edublogs Challenge – Week 7

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Current Events and Issues, Edublogs Challenge, Journalism

Activity 1 – How Connected Are CCJH Teachers?

By Ashley Mothershed
Cougar News Blog

Teachers and staff members at Cactus Canyon Junior High are not very connected, social media wise. Very few staff members use social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, etc. I find this quite interesting considering the fact that teachers at our school use the internet to plan our lesson activities every day.
Most of the teachers at our school have Facebook, but do not use it. Only six CCJH teachers use Facebook more than once a day. Most of the 22 teachers who responded have a Facebook account, but only use it once a week or less.
Instagram is one of the newer social media websites that mostly teenage kids use. Most teachers at my school do not use Instagram, only seven do and use it less than once a week.
At Cactus Canyon, 13 of 22 teachers use Pinterest more than once a day. That is where they get all of their great ideas for activities in classes such as art, language arts, math, etc.
So in the end, all but two teachers and staff members at Cactus Canyon Junior High have social media accounts but do not use them very often. Only seven teachers at my school have heard of connected educators month, including my Journalism teacher Mr. Davis.

Activity 5 – Write a Post About Your Digital Footprint. Is It Positive or Negative?

By Anna Gray
Cougar News Blog

Recently, I have learned about how an individual’s digital dossier is created and I have decided that I wouldn’t be afraid or embarrassed to share my personal dossier with my future grandchildren or my grandparents.
Sharing my dossier wouldn’t worry me because the most common thing I use the Internet for is to complete school assignments. Although I do have accounts on some social networking sites, I only have a few and I don’t use them every day. Other kids my age may feel totally different than me about sharing their dossier, but I think if you’re embarrassed to share what you’ve been doing on the Internet, then you shouldn’t be doing it.

Activity 6 – Is It Better to Have a Negative Digital Footprint Than None at All?

By Kayla Mix
Cougar News Blog

A digital footprint is the data trace or trail left by someone’s activity on a digital device. Digital footprints capture people’s activity in an electronic fashion, of memories and moments and are built from the interaction with TV, mobile phone, World Wide Web, Internet, mobile web and other digital devices and sensors.

A negative digital footprint consists of things that are on the Internet that you would not want to be there like a drunken photo, a silly comment or even logging on to an inappropriate website. Basically, whatever you would not want any of your friends, family etc. to see would be classed as a negative digital footprint. By having a negative footprint, it can even affect your chances of gaining a place into University because, if they searched your name and a drunken photo popped up, they would be more than likely swayed to not accept you.

It is good to have a negative footprint because, 1. At least you have knowledge to the web. If you have a negative digital footprint then you know alot of websites you can go on and it would be a little easier for you to use the web for problems you have. 2. You would have learned your lessons early in life. If you are a teenager then yes you would have messed up but at least you would have known what to do and what not to do. So you won’t make the same mistakes again. 3. If there is a criminal or a pervert that is doing bad actions on the web then the police can track them down and stop them from doing anymore bad demeanors.

It is good to have no digital footprint at all because: 1. Like I said before if you have a bad photo or comment or even a login to a bad website then that could jeopardize your future. 2. People could get the wrong idea about you. LIke if you want to be funny and look up something inappropriate people would think you are an awful person. 3. If you do something ill mannered and wrong then delete it you might think it is gone but really it is there you just can’t see it, and one day it can come back to get you. So it would be better to have nothing at all instead of something that could danger your future.

By Cori Gibson
Cougar News Blog

Your digital footprint is everything that you have ever searched, posted, bloged, etc. Everyone has one even if you don’t have access to the internet. When you’re born, all of your information goes into the computer and never goes away. How much you weigh, your health, name, date of birth, everything about you is in a file and no matter what you do, it will stay there forever.

Digital footprints can be good for some people but bad for others. If you are the type of person that usually only uses the computer for school work and games, your footprint should be positive. However, if you are the type of person who has searched things that you would be ashamed to show your parents or legal guardian, then you have a negative footprint.

Some say that that having a negative digital footprint is better than having no footprint at all. Other however, may disagree. Though everyone has a footprint whether they like it or not, some people think that if there was no print in the first place, their life would be better. If you have a print and it turns out to be negative, it could influence your chances of getting into a good college university. No college would take someone with a negative print because it would make them look bad. Also, another reason that you don’t want a print is because if you did something years earlier and you thought that it had gone away, it could come back in the future and you could be judged because of what you did in the past. That could really damage your chances of a good and happy life.

Now what about having a negative footprint instead of no print at all? If you have a negative footprint and you do something worth regretting, you may feel guilty and want people to be able to find you so you can take responsibility for your actions. Another reason to have a negative print is so you can learn from your mistakes. Usually when you do something wrong you get punished and never do it again. The punishments of a negative print can be more severe than you could ever imagine depending on the action.

Your digital print is like what you see on the television when the miniature devil and angel are on the person’s shoulder telling them what’s wrong or right. The devil is standing there saying, “Search it! Do it! It will go away eventually and no one will ever see it!” Then you turn your head and see the angel and they’re saying, “No! Don’t listen to him! He will only cause you trouble in the long-run!” The angel is right in this case and usually in every other case too. You just need to find the power to do what you know is good and your print will never cause you pain.

By Cassidy Hoxeng
Cougar News Blog

A negative footprint and having no footprint at all are very different things. There are many different reasons why both of them are good and bad.

No Footprint

Having no footprint at all is good thing because you don’t have a negative footprint. Even though a negative footprint is good it can also be bad. A negative footprint can be awful because if you looked something up you weren’t supposed to, you can get in trouble, especially if you’re a teenager or a kid. Another thing about having a negative footprint, is if there is a crime and they come to you as suspect, they could check your footprint and see what you’ve looked up. Next, having no digital footprint is a great thing because if you have no digital footprint, nobody will know what you’ve looked up. So, if you’ve looked up something you don’t want anybody to know about, it’s hidden. Thirdly, it’s important to have privacy. It would be nice to not have somebody watching everything you do online. People should trust what people do online and respect their privacy.

Negative Footprint

Having a negative footprint is also a good thing too. First, if there is a crime and somebody is a suspect, they could figure out who did it, and the crime would be solved. Secondly, you have experience with the web. You know how to use the web and how to get to places around the web. Lastly, you could learn a lesson about what you looked up. If you are younger and you look something up that’s inappropriate or on a website you’re not supposed to be on, your parents or guardian could see it and teach you that it’s not good to do that or you’re not supposed to look that up. Having a negative digital footprint can not only be a good thing, but it could also teach you a lesson.

Activity 7 – Create a Presentation About Digital Safety

Activity 8 – What Are the Most Important Parts of Being a Good Digital Citizen?

By Holly Stillman
Cougar News Blog

1. Digital Responsibility
When using the internet people, including children, need to take responsibility of what they do online and take care of their personal information. There are people out there that target people like you and me and use your information against you. Always be careful what information you upload to your profile and make sure your not being too specific.

2. Digital Health & Wellness
Spending too much time online can make your body and health plummet. You can also become addicted to being on your computer, phone, or any electronics which can take time away from more urgent things such as school, work, family, friends, and/or relationships. Statistics show that 12% of internet users often use the internet longer than intended use.

3. Digital Respect
Teens often take advantage of social networks and abuse the freedoms of a social network. They use it to harass others, post inappropriate things, etc. When you’re online you should always respect yourself and others right’s to use the internet freely.

4. Digital Commerce
Nowadays people can shop online and buy just about anything their heart desires. But there are also downsides to the easy access to buying stuff online. Others use the internet to gamble on online games such as poker, illegally download music, videos, or pornography. If you are caught with any of the following you could end up in jail for several years. .

5. Digital Security
To keep yourself secure and ensure that nobody tries to hack your account and steal your identity you should never share your password with anyone and keep your password in a protected space so no one else can see it. Also don’t give out your address or anything else that can help someone easily track you down and find you in an instance.

Activity 9 – Create a Comic About Internet Safety

Internet Safety

The Internet


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