Musicians perform at state fair

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Band, Choir, Orchestra, Student Accomplishments, Trips
Cactus Canyon musicians performed at the Arizona State Fair on Oct. 25. (Photo by Ms. Vining.)

Cactus Canyon musicians performed at the Arizona State Fair on Oct. 25. (Photo by Ms. Vining.)

By Cori Gibson
Cougar News Blog

CCJH music teacher Aimee Vining took her students to the state fair on Oct. 25 to perform for the large crowds and have fun.
Vining teaches the orchestra, symphony, wind ensemble, cadet band, and marching band. The choir also performed. They all performed one to two songs and, even though their true purpose was to play instruments and sing, they were still able to go on rides and play games.
“I hope they become more experienced at performing in public,” Vining said. “It is always nerve-wracking to play in front of a group of strangers, and the more they practice, the better they will get at it.”
Vining has gone on this trip before, but this time it was different. There were a lot more kids participating including the beginners which she has never had play at the fair before.
“I enjoyed performing, the food/ lemonade, the rides, and the animals,” CCJH wind ensemble student Heather Sigler said.
Students sold cookie dough to help cover the cost of the trip. They also paid for their own food, rides, and games.
“The trip was a reward for everyone’s hard work,” Vining said.
Because Vining has taken her students on the trip so many times, it is safe to say that they will be doing it again in the future. She said everyone did a fantastic job and made their teacher proud.
Vining said, “Everything went well and the CCJH musicians did a great job demonstrating their talent and representing AJUSD.”
  1. Maranda says:

    This is a good story! I havent had the chance to see them play but I definatly will!

  2. Holly says:

    Love the quotes Cori and I hope they had fun at the Sate Fair!

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