Art students participate in two contests

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Art, Current Events and Issues, Student Accomplishments

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By Kathy G.
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon had two art contest this quarter. One was from the daughters of the American Revolution which involves history and the other one was a peace poster contest.
Usually when students do art projects they are learning how to do something new but with these two art contests CCJH students were able to use their own ideas to present for the contest.
The peace poster contest was put on by the Lions Club. It was called “Our World Our Future” and was for students ages 11, 12 or 13. CCJH had its own contest to see who would advance to the the Lions Club’s international competition. Eighth grader Sidnee Major got first place, so she gets to go to the international. Serena Waasdorp got second, Rosalyn Arriola got third, and Jack Reynolds got fourth. A lot of the students enjoyed participating and most of the students learned something, whether it was being able to stop and think about how the world is with peace or think of their own ideas on how they can make the world even better.
“I just got the happiness of making my parents proud,” said Waasdorp.
Paige Reesor thought being involved in a contest with kids from all over the globe would help with their courage and being confident with showing their art work.
“I wanted my students to be involved in an international contest,” said art teacher Paige Reesor. “It gives students self-esteem to do something great.”
The DAR contest was tied in with history. Students made drawings about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The DAR is a national volunteer women’s service organization for descendants of those who fought in the Revolutionary War. There were many drawings in the contest, and a just as many different ideas and interpretations.
“I drew a bear with bare arms that had bare arms written on them with hair, he also had a slingshot in his pocket,” said first-place winner Brandi Brooks. “I wanted to get out of the cliche human with bare arms so I did a bear with bare arms.”
Winners from the DAR contest were Brandi Brooks, first place; Cameron Krueger, second place; Shayne Scoffin, third place.
  1. Jackie says:

    Great story Kathy! I really love it! Your a great writer (:

  2. Maranda says:

    Love the story. Very good quotes.

  3. Mandi says:

    Great job on the story. I love the art posters. We do the peace poster contest at our school too.

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