Edublogs Challenge 9 – Nominations

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Edublogs Challenge

This is our post where we nominate some of the best blogs we’ve visited for Edublogs Awards. We will be adding to them as they are completed.

Best Class Blog

Mrs. Roach’s Science Class –

We nominate Mrs. Roach’s and Ms. Wyatt’s Science Blog as Best Class Blog. On their blog they post things such as flipped lessons, class work, study guides, and fascinating science related videos.
Their blog helps the students take charge of their education by posting flipped lessons for the students to do at home to learn or study the lesson for tomorrow’s class, a resource for those who were absent and need to be caught up, and also helps as a tutor when students are struggling with a lesson.
Ms. Roach and Ms. Wyatt’s blog, Ion Science, is new as of this school year and has all of the lessons that they have done in their science classrooms. The most recent flipped lessons are at easy access on the blog, along with class work from previous days.

Best Individual Blog

Shayal’s Blog –

This is one of my favorite blogs for a lot of reasons. First off I think she chose a beautiful background. It is purple and it has little stars flashing. Plus And on the right side of the page there is a dog. You can feed it or play with it and I thought that was neat. And then there is also a baby hamster, you can only feed it though.
Then there’s her stories. She wrote a story on what she’s thankful for and, you could tell she put a lot of thought into it. Then there is stories to help and encourage. For example she wrote a story called “Dream it. Believe it, Achieve it!” Even just title has a good message, if you dream something, believe in yourself that you can do it, and then go achieve it. She also has a good one on friends.
She has some posts that are just for fun, like long weekends and painting.

  1. Maranda says:

    Who won?!

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