Students raising money for trips, cheer

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Athletics, Cheer, Fundraisers, Trips

By Anna Gray
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon has been holding many fundraisers to help pay for sports activities and school trips.
Students who plan on going on the San Diego or Washington, D.C., trips participated in the Gold Canyon Candles fundraiser, while the cheer squad has held a few fundraisers of their own, such as Gobble Grams and Jamba Juice cards.
Cheer recently finished up with sales of Gobble Grams, flips flops, and key chains and is now selling Jamba Juice card. One more fundraiser is coming at the end of the month. Candle sales ended Dec. 2.
The students participating in these fundraisers need the money to help them pay for unique opportunities. Many junior high schools do not offer educational trips out of the state or competitive sports. Although the cost of is high, teachers believe the experience is worth it and that students can learn from raising the money to pay for them.
“I expect that my cheerleaders will learn people skills, money management, and will understand that we must work hard for the things that we desire,” said Coach Cathy Messenger.
“Each student was asked to create their own goal for this fundraiser,” said Wendy McQuilkin, sponsor of the Washington trip.
The cost of the San Diego trip is $400 and the D.C. trip costs $1,600. Money from the fundraisers will go to the student who raised it to help pay for fees.
As for the cheerleaders, they are holding many fundraisers because they are trying to raise $2,000 for upcoming competitions. Messenger wants to be able to have professional choreography and music. The team has been undefeated in the last three years and they want to be able to do it again. In previous seasons, though, cheerleaders only had one competition, but this year there are two.
Most of these fundraisers will be coming to an end before the end of the semester, but more may be needed in January.
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