NJHS lends a hand with the Angel Tree Program

Posted: December 11, 2013 in NJHS, Organizations
Tags hang on the Angel Tree, waiting for someone to pick them up and purchase the gift.

Tags hang on the Angel Tree, waiting for someone to pick them up and purchase the gift.

By Kayla Mix
Cougar News Blog

Christmas is right around the corner bringing presents, food, and family together to celebrate. Yet even as people are going around being happy and getting ready for this special holiday, there are some who don’t have life as easy as others, and that is where the CCJH National Junior Honor Society comes in.
NJHS, is a program for students with good grades and a caring heart. Being in NJHS means that the students get to help the community when they need it. So with Christmas coming up, it would be the perfect opportunity for the students in NJHS to help. The Angel Tree Program is a program that gives a helping hand to families in need. The Angel Tree is a Christmas Tree that sits up in the front office of Cactus Canyon that has tags of childrens names and what they would like for Christmas on it hanging up. Then someone comes up and grabs a tag then buys the present for that child, so when Christmas comes that student will get what they want.
NJHS students enjoy the feeling of giving back and helping others in their time of need, so since Christmas is coming up they are giving back and helping others.
“I expect that the students will take away the good feeling that comes from being of service to other people,” says Carol Dolle.
This year the Angel Tree program is helping two families which are provided by Project Help.
“I think it is really amazing to see how we can do can help change someone’s life,” says Allison Snowball.
Dolle said this is a great program and there have never been any extra tags on the tree because the community and district are very generous. This Christmas will be more than just a holiday for two families, it will be that special time of year where you can find comfort in knowing that you are not alone.
  1. Maranda says:

    awh, Beautiful. We also did this at my church and all the families participating came to service. We had the chance to talk to them and give the hope. It was a very beautiful thing to do. Good job on the outstanding writing.

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