Yearbook students rush to meet deadline

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Electives, Yearbook

CC 2013-14 Yearbook cover design

By Kayla Mix
Cougar News Blog

The race is on for the Cactus Canyon Junior High yearbook students to meet their deadline. The students and teacher Jason Davis have a goal to finish the 2014 yearbook by the end of the semester.
Even though the final deadline isn’t until March 31, Davis wants to get the yearbook done in advance so students won’t have to rush to finish it and miss something. They can also work on perfecting it until the due date by making sure each picture is good enough to be included, and if it’s not then they will have plenty of time to replace it. They also look to see if there are duplicate photos or if the same people are pictured many times. There are parts of the book, like spring sports and trips, that can’t be completed until later but they will be able to get the fall and winter photos in.
“The deadline will help us by letting us know what we need to fix for the final submission of the yearbook,” said eighth grader Regan Rose. “This is just a start to a great yearbook that will get better as we progress throughout the year.
This yearbook can’t just be done in one day, it takes hundreds of hours to put together, at school and at home. The students are doing something called BHAAG which stands for, Big Hairy Adventurous Graded Goal.
“The point of BHAAG is to make everyone work hard and show them how that pays off,” said yearbook teacher Jason Davis.
The deadline is not till the end of March but, the staff doesn’t want to spend the last few weeks having to scramble to finish everything that they could have been done weeks or months ago. During class the students work with Mr. Davis and student editors on the design, layout, and photo choices for each page.
Mr. Davis said that every year students find mistakes that could’ve been avoided, so he hopes doing the BHAAG will help so there are fewer mistakes and a final product that everyone can be proud of.
  1. CEH says:

    yeah, that’s true.. works done earlier helps to identify what should do next.

  2. Maranda says:

    I think its great that they are getting work done early!

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