Art students create city of creativity

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Academics, Art

By Cori Gibson
Cougar News Blog

The CCJH art classes recently built a cardboard city full of houses, shopping centers, and more in an attempt to find a suitable career.
Art teacher, Gail McFarland, had her classes work in teams to create stores, medical centers, homes, factories, and everything else necessary for the petite fake people to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle just as people would in the real world.
“I want my students to learn many different things,” McFarland said. “This project incorporates math, engineering, biology, and art. I want them to start thinking about what they want to do as an adult.”
Although students have never done this project before, they were very excited to do it this quarter because it gave them a chance to bond with friends while doing something creative.
“There is a possibility that one of us may become an architect and this skill could help us. We may also find a new hobby that we enjoy doing,” said eighth-grade advanced art student, Brandi Brooks.
By participating in this activity, students were introduced to many new and useful skills such as measuring, interior and exterior design, architectural design, and model building. They also got to research careers that relate to their interests as art students.
“I love this activity because the students (used) recyclable materials including cardboard boxes. Students (had) to find discarded materials and manipulate them to fit their needs,” said McFarland.
McFarland does plan to do this project again in the future. She will have all advanced art students participate in the activity.
“Next year I would like to expand this unit to include a larger lesson on urban design,” said McFarland.

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