News season brings new challenges to football team

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Athletics, Football

The Cougars in action during their Jan. 31 home game against Desert Wind.

The Cougars in action during their Jan. 31 home game against Desert Wind.

By Mariahrose Manell
Cougar News Blog

Undefeated. That one word describes the season for the CCJH football team last year. They stuck together, an athletic brotherhood. This year is a little different, for example there are new faces on the team.
The Cougars have lost their first two games, 16-14 against Mountain Vista, and 24-22 against Desert Wind. But during those games they worked hard and lost as a team.
“(I learned) to work as a team,” says eighth grader Bradley Harte.
This year there was no cuts so whoever tried out made it, including some girls. Rosa Castro, Melanie Yakel, and McKelle Mercier were some of the few girls that made the team. This isn’t a first in cougar history. Danielle Moore, an eighth grader back in 2012, was the first girl on the football team.
During practices before the big games the players work on plays, and get into groups. They all practice really hard to learn all the plays and that should make them very successful.
“I hope they all learn that through hard work and dedication,” says Coach Jerry Paterson. “That all things are possible. Plus, I want them all to be productive members of society.”
Even with a rusty start, the Cougars hope they can turn the season around, just like last year. And with two close games, they will continue to be an exciting team for fans to watch.
“(We will) just try and encourage people to come out and watch us play,” said Paterson.
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    I love this story! This chick is a genius! OMG this is great.

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