Eighth-graders learn about economics with Ebay project

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Academics, Project-based Learning, Social Studies, Technology

By Logan Duncan
Cougar News Blog

Sheryl Anderson’s seventh and eighth grade social studies is doing an eBay project in hopes of teaching eighth graders about economics.
Mrs. Anderson hopes that her students will learn about profit and loss plus how sometimes the scarcity of items can affect the price. Some groups will be more competitive than others in trying to bring in more money than others so they are also learning about competitiveness in the business world.
“I will learn about stocks and selling items and how rarity will affect the price and how to advertise,” said eighth grader Emily Bliss. “All of the eighth graders will be involved in the project so they can have these skills and perfect them in high school.”
They will also learn economics and their final decision making skills. This will give them knowledge on whether decisions will be good or bad choices. Students will also be learning about stocks and how to set up good advertising campaign for selling items so that a customer will want to purchase whatever that is being sold. By learning economics they will get a clear understanding of how buying and selling things affects the economy.
“I hope they will get a clear understanding of profit and loss,” said Mrs. Anderson.
They will be selling items that they get from places like Goodwill and garage sales and then put them on eBay. That will be the job for the students so they do a lot of the work instead of the teachers. Once they sell their items they will get their money back and it will go into the group account. At the end of the semester they will all vote on how to use the money.
They also have to research how the item will be worth. Plus they will need to know how much it will cost to ship it and the weight and requirements for the package.
“This will affect the school because the students are doing the work instead of the teachers so they will get a good work ethic,” said Bliss.
Students will continue to buy and sell items until the end of the semester. Mrs. Anderson hopes it will affect her classes in a positive way.
“I know some people who are doing this as a hobby and they are making some pretty nice coin, so I thought I could make a learning experience out of it,” said Anderson.
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