‘Survivors’ author visits Cactus Canyon

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Academics, Language arts, Library

By Charli R.
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon Junior High recently enjoyed a visit from famous Scottish author Gillian Philip, also known as Erin Hunter.
Philip came to Cactus Canyon to talk about her new book, The Broken Path. It is book number four in the Survivors series. The visit took place in the library where students sat and listened to Philip talk about everything from accents to her pets, and the Survivors, Warriors, and Seekers series.
“Since I’ve been here at CCJH this is the first author that writes as though animals have human characteristics and are indeed the main characters,” said Cactus Canyon librarian Jennifer Cameron.
Students had to buy Philip’s book Broken Path before seeing getting to visit the author.
Philip has visited many other schools around Europe and America, but this was her first time in Arizona and Cactus Canyon students eagerly awaited her arrival. While at Cactus Canyon she talked about her experience as an author and answered students questions about writing the Survivors series with fellow authors in the Erin Hunter family.
“The most interesting thing (Philip) said was that she didn’t start writing until she was much older in her life, which really surprised me,” said eighth grader Allison Snowball.
“My favorite part was meeting the author in general,” said eighth-grader Madison Taylor. “She’s a big inspiration to me and to many of the people who attended.”
The Survivors series, however, is not only written by Philip, it’s actually authored by “Erin Hunter,” which is a pen name, or an assumed name used by a writer or writers instead of their real name or names. Philip is number five out of the six people that make up Erin Hunter.
“I love question time because I’m not just answering questions made for me, I’m answering questions for the whole Erin Hunter team,” said Philip.
Mrs. Cameron has already planned another visit from Jonathan Stroud to talk about his new book The Screaming Staircase on April 3.
  1. Maranda says:

    Wow! Amazing! We had one visit my school too! I love the word choice and the story is a good length. Keep it up!

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