Cactus Canyon enforces new tardy rule

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Cougar PRIDE

By Holly S.
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon used to have a tough time with students being late to their classes, but now the school is stepping up its efforts to ensure students are on time to their designated periods.
Administrators have carried out a new rule for students who are late to class. Students who are not where they need to be when the bell rings will receive lunch detention in the gym. If a child obtains more than three detentions, they earn one day of OCS.
Cactus Canyon, like other schools, have had issues with attendance; students would socialize and get side-tracked when they should be arriving to their next class. So, to make sure students are doing just that, officials have applied the rule hoping it would help students get to class quicker.
“The tardy issue is a never-ending problem for schools. It has been an issue since we began here,” said assistant principal Joyce Gingrich. “We just decided it was time to try something that was easy for us to regulate and follow through with, but at the same time would help students know we mean what we say.”
The rule was first announced Feb. 13 and was first implemented Feb. 18 when students reported back to school after Presidents Day.
Although staff members are pleased with the results from the regulation, some students feel that the rule is unfair to most kids.
“I don’t really like it. What if your teacher keeps your class late and doesn’t give you a late pass and you only have a minute to get across campus to your other class?” said eighth-grader Jade Kroff.
Even though the new rule puts more pressure on the students, they generally support the new guideline. Kroff says the new guideline has helped her get to class quicker to avoid detention.
“I think it is smart, but should be enforced on students that are constantly tardy not for students who are rarely tardy,” said eighth-grader Evan Quiroz.
The new regulation has brought down the tardy rates greatly and administrators plan to keep the rule in place.
“We have had many fewer tardies, and we notice a huge difference during passing periods,” said Gingrich. “Students are moving toward class, not just standing around.”

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