Students celebrate reading at Book Wars party

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Academics, Book Wars, Language arts

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By Jessica Conrad
Cougar News Blog

Imagine reading just a few books, then being rewarded with awesome prizes for it. This is what happens at Cactus Canyon. On the Friday after spring break, some of CCJH’s students participated in the Book Wars party.
Book Wars is a program that rewards students different prizes for each 15 AR points they earn. The party took place in the cafeteria during seventh hour.
Some students played board games, ate popcorn, and drank root beer floats in the cafeteria, while others played volleyball and basketball in the gym. Student Council volunteered and passed out different types of prizes to everyone.
“My favorite part of the party was when my friends and I went in the gym and hung out,” said seventh grader Natalie Erb.
Reading teacher Lisa Smith is the mastermind behind Book Wars. She was the one who planned the party and the program itself. She said she thinks the program was helpful as an incentive to get students to read more.
“I definitely think students enjoyed the different levels and being able to win different prizes for reading,” said Smith. “Some students may find a book or series they like to read. Some students who read nonfiction might learn something interesting about their topic. Their main goal was to foster and encourage the love of reading.”
The next Book Wars reward will be a pool party in May for students who reach 90 points.

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