Eighth grade students to go to Phoenix Zoo

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Academics, Project-based Learning, Science, Trips

By Cori Gibson
Cougar News Blog

Eighth grade science students at Cactus Canyon will be attending a Phoenix Zoo field trip to learn about animal history, evolution, and so much more.
CCJH eighth-grade science teachers Regan Roach and Candice Wyatt are having students participate in a Phoenix Zoo field trip on April 21 where they will be choosing an animal and a plant to learn about.
Students are researching their animal’s history, ancestors, environment, relatives, and other information to create a model of the animal with its plant in a new home and a nontechnical presentation about the animal.
“I am interested to see what everybody comes up with for their presentations, since we aren’t making them in Google Apps,” said eighth grade student, Jessica Sigler.
The trip to the zoo is scheduled to expand students’ learning outside of school.
“I want students to understand that what they learning in the classroom will be used in real life,” said Roach.
This assignment incorporates math, reading, researching, science, writing, and art all in one. This wide variety of subjects gives all students a chance to shine and show what they know. Some teachers in other subjects plan to provide support activities so students can have an abundance of time to complete the project, which will be due on May 9.
There have been other animal-related projects in the past, but this is the first one to incorporate help from other teachers.
“I have not done a project like this before, so some might say that I’m coming into this project blind, but I believe that if I put enough hard work into it, that it will be a great and fun project,” said eighth grade student, Kayla Mix.
If this project goes well, teachers may think about doing it again in the future. Many of the students are excited for the trip and are giddy to make the presentations.
“If the data shows that students are understanding the eighth grade standards, then, yes, we will do this again,” said Roach.
if allowed, would be replaced by another in an effort to bring more people to the zoo.
This is the first time teachers at CCJH have done anything like this with their students.

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