Spring Edublogs Challenge Week 5 – Memories

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Edublogs Challenge, Journalism

Activity 2 – If You Could Delete 2-3 Memories, Which Would You Delete and Why?

The author of the following piece prefers to remain anonymous

Memories are something that we will never forget till the day we die, both good and bad. The memories that will remain with us the most is, in my opinion, the bad memories. They affect us the most as humans. I have three main bad memories. Memory one is the night I was woken up by my siblings telling me my Nana has passed away, memory two is when we found my brother doing drugs in 2010 and memory three is when I found out that my dad might have Multiple Sclerosis or brain cancer.
January 29, 2014 is the day my Nana passed. My Uncle’s plane had landed right as she passed at 10:49 and the house became full of grief. I was sleeping in the back room when it happened and found out when, for the first time since I was little, my brother and sister came and laid down next to me and told me and started crying. Both uncles, my brother and sister, my sisters boyfriend, my mom and my grandfather all came and sat with me in that back room one at a time. In all honesty, I didn’t cry. I didn’t feel anything. I felt bad because I wasn’t sad and thought something was wrong with me. To this day I still don’t feel sorrow about it.
In 2010, when my brother was out somewhere, my parents went through my brothers room because of suspicion that he was on drugs. That suspicion was right. He was on cocaine and heroin and he had stolen from my mom, dad and I. Me and him were really close back then and when my parents told me what happened it was a shock to me. I ran and hid underneath our computer desk and cried. My mom had to have a family friend come get me and take me over to her house. It was hard for me there because I was told I couldn’t tell her kids, my friends, about what happened and at night I would cry for hours and they would wonder and I couldn’t tell them anything. School was hard too. I had to deal with the fact that I might lose my brother and I was being bullied too. I still cry sometimes when I remember it and I flinch whenever someone jokes around or says the word drugs.

My dad, for seven years, have had a spot in the back of his brain. The doctors didn’t start testing till about 2 years ago and are still doing tests to figure it out. They think that it might be Multiple Sclerosis, MS, or brain cancer but have to do more testing to find to find out. My dad had told me that he was getting testing done but didn’t say for what, so I had to find out through my mom. It was hard for me to find out because I’m really close with my dad and I can’t bare the thought that he could end up in a wheelchair or may die early.

Activity 4 – In Your Own Words, Describe What Memories Mean to You

By Logan D.

To me everyone needs memories. They help people remember all of the best times in their lives. Unfortunately there are also bad ones that we would all love to forget. Memories helps you keep your closest friends as close as possible. When you do the most amazing thing that you have ever done your memories keep that with you, you can never forget it.
When people are in a dark or scary place they have all of their warm memories to think about, they hope that it makes them feel better. When someone will be gone for a long time such as in the renowned movie E.T. where he says, “I’ll be right here” and points to the child’s head. What memories means to me is keeping all your skills, people, feelings, and tastes.
Memories will keep all of your things you learn with you. When your parents teach you to take the training wheels off of your bike you never forget how to ride it. Or when you learn new things in math it will likely stick with you. Or when your mother teaches you too not do something obedient children will not do it again. Memories will make you laugh and have a good time with your friends joking around about something that happened years ago. You also remember what the best burger in your life tasted like, or you will remember what lobster tastes like after you have tasted it for the first time ever. Memories are great and I hope that they stick with all of you forever.

By Cori Gibson

No matter how old you are, you have memories. They may not all be good, but they’re still there, in your brain, forever, and they’ll never go away. We don’t just have them for no particular reason, though. Memories are given to every person and animal everywhere so that we may learn from our mistakes, create a better future for ourselves, and be the great people that we were always meant to be.

Bad memories may not seem too good in most people’s eyes, but they are the ones that we learn the most from. Once you’ve had a bad experience, you don’t forget what caused it, so then you don’t do it again. They help people make better choices. They can also however, upset people when thinking about the bad experiences that they’ve had over the years.

Even though bad memories help us to learn, good ones make us happy. Remembering all off the good times you’ve had can change your whole attitude and make you feel at peace. People often don’t even realize that their whole day is full of good memories. I think that every time someone smiles, it is considered a good memory. Which is really great because I see people smiling everywhere I turn. It’s a refreshing feeling to know that the people around you are happy. Kinda like watching everyone open their Christmas presents.
If everyone would take the time every once and a while to remember all of the great times that they’ve had with their favorite people, the world would be a lot better.

Activity 5 – Create a Comic Strip to Represent One of the Strongest Memories of Your Life.


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