Life Skills, StuCo students visit Ren Fest

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Life Skills, Organizations, Student Council, Trips

By Anna Gray
Cougar NewsBlog

The Life Skills class recently took a field trip to the Renaissance Festival and they brought along their buddies from Student Council. It was the first time the groups have gone to the festival together. Desirae Davis organized the trip and was kind enough to invite student council along.
The students spent March 6 with at the festival and were able to participate in many activities. They consisted of a bird show, a sword swallower, a mud show, shooting a bow and arrow, throwing ninja stars, and making candles. Some students also got to see jousting while others got henna tattoos.
Student Council members work with the Life Skills students most days during seventh hour- a program they call Paw Pals – but this was their first outing outside of school.
“The best takeaway from a trip like this is the bonding,” said Student Council adviser, Jason Davis. “We spend time with them in class all the time, but it’s fun to get to know people ‘out in the wild’ and see what their personalities are like when they are doing goofy, real-life things.”
For some of the students it was their first time going to the Renaissance Festival, and everyone who attended the trip had a great time.
“This trip was really fun because I was bonding with StuCo and Paw Pals at the same time,” said StuCo member Janelle Digos. “We ate lots of food and we were just happy all that time.”
Going on the trip was a different experience for all the students. Inside their groups, they all participated in different activities than the others.
“This trip was different from others I have been on previously because we got to include the Paw Pals kids, and they loved it,” said StuCo member Ashli Albertsen. “I loved seeing their smiles when they watched the joust or when the fairy sprinkled ‘fairy dust’ on them.”
The Life Skills class hopes they will be able to have the same field trip next year because students were able to learn and have fun at the same time. Ms. Davis said the trip was very successful and had a good impact on the students.
“I wanted my students to get a community experience from this trip,” she said. “They also learned different things about the era.”

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