Freshman student coach helps out with basketball teams

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Athletics, Boys Basketball, Girls basketball


By Holly S.
Cougar News Blog

Without freshman student coach, Jacob Briones, things would definitely be more chaotic for the Cougar sports teams.
Briones has supported both boys and girls basketball teams this year by helping to set up for games and practices. He makes sure everything runs smoothly for coaches and athletes at all times.
Briones went to Cactus Canyon for his seventh and eighth grade years. He was the boys basketball team manager last season. Since moving up to high school Briones came back to CCJH to take up the position as student coach for both basketball teams.
Both of the coaches are impressed with Briones’ persistence and dedication to the teams. Boys coach Scott Stansberry said Briones is different than other volunteers his work ethic is different than most.
“He works as if he is getting paid, never misses anything and does everything to the best of his capability,” said Stansberry.
Not only does he help set up but he also helps with students by guiding the players, preparing them for games, but most importantly pushing them to achieve.
The coaches are impressed with his work and can possibly see him having a future at Cactus Canyon.
“I do believe Jacob has a future at CCJH. He is eager to learn and is always asking questions to better himself,” said Stansberry. “With all the things that I have mentioned about him, I would not hesitate to recommend Jacob.”
Briones has had such a great time that he’s also wanting to continue his work at the school.
“I plan to do this for a while,” he said. “Volunteering can get you places, it’s a good thing to put down on applications for work, college, etc. I love working with the coaches and administration and the athletes.”

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